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V 0.1.8


A Aeroplane §
A Amber  
A Attack (Aircraft) Mil
A Altimeter subscale setting  
A Class-A Airspace  ICAO
A Category A Aircraft  
A Airbus  
A Asphalt  
A Alert Aera / Alarmgebiet  
A Ampere  
A Buchungsklasse / Spezialtarif First Class  
A Abdrift, Abdriftwinkel  
A Adult / Erwachsener  
A/A Air to Air  
A/C Aircraft  
AA Air to Air  
AA Anti-Aircraft  
AA Airservices Australia  
AA Address Announced  
AA Airworthiness Authorities  
AA Acceleration Altitude  
AAA Anti-Aircraft-Artillery Mil
AAIM Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring ICAO
Abl. Ablenkung  
ABM Abeam  
ABN Aerodrome Beacon  
AC Alternating Current  
AC Altocumulus Met
AC Advisory Circular ICAO
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System  
ACC Area Conrol Center  
ACFT Aircraft  
ACL Anti Collision Light  
ACT Acitve  
AD Aerodrome  
ADF Automatic Direction Finder  
ADS Aeronautical Design Standard  
ADV Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Verkehrsflughäfen  
AeMC Aeromedical Centre §
AFCS Automatic Flight Control System EASA
AFF Accelerated Freefall  
AFM Aircraft Flight Manual  
AFWA Automatic Flight Weather Advisory  
AGL Above Ground Level  
Ah Augeshöhe Nav
AHRS Attitude and Heading Reference System ICAO
AIC Aeronautical Information Circular  
AIM Aeronautical Information Manual  
AIP Aeronatuical Information Publication §
AIRAC Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control  
AIREP Aircraft Report Met
AIS Aeronautical Information Service  §
ALARP As Low As Reasonably Practical §
ALERFA Alert Phase  
ALS Approach Light System  
ALT Altitude  
ALTN Alternate (aerodrome)  
AMC Acceptable Means of Compliance EASA
AMD Amended, Amendment  
AME Aero Medical Examiner  
AME aero-medical examiner  
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level  
ANS Air Navigation Services EASA
AOM Aircraft Operating Manual  
APAPI Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator  
APP Approach  
APRX Approximately  
APT airport  
APU Auxilliary Power Unit  
APV Approach Procedure with Vertical guidance EASA
ARA Authority Requirements for Aircrew  
ARC Airworthiness Review Certificate  
ARP Aerodrome Reference Point  
ARR Arrival  
ARR Air Route Surveillance Radar  
AS Altostratus  
AS Airship  
ASDE Airport Surface Detection Equipment  
ASR Aerodrome Surveillance Radar  
ATA Actual Time of Arrival  
ATC Air Traffic Control  
ATD Actual Time of Departure  
ATIS Aeronautical Terminal Information Service  
ATM Air Traffic Management EASA
ATO Actual Time Over  
ATO Approved Training Organisation EASA
ATP Airline Transport Pilot  
ATPL Airline Transport Pilot License  
ATS Air Traffic Service  
ATS Air Transport Service  
ATTCS Automatic Take-Off Thrust System ICAO
ATZ Aerodrome Traffic Zone  
AUM All Up Mass  
AVASIS Abbreviated Visual Approach Slope System  
AVBL Available  
AVGAS Aviation Gasoline  
AWOS Automated Weather Observing System  
AWS Automatic Weather Report Met
AWY Airway  
AZF Allgemein gültiges Sprechfunkzeugnis für den Flugfunk  


B Balloon §
BAnz. Bundesanzeiger §
baro-VNAV Barometric Vertical Navigation ICAO
BASE Buildings, Antennas, Spans and Earth  
BCAR British Civil Airworthiness Requirement EASA
BCFG Fog Patches Met
BCN Beacon  
BCMG Becoming Met
BEM Basic Empty Mass  
BfL Beauftragter für Luftaufsicht §
BFO Beat Frequency Oszillator  
BFU Bundesstellt für Flugunfalluntersuchung  
BGB Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch  §
BGBl. Bundesgesetzblatt  §
BHP Brake Horse Power  
BITD Basic Instrument Training Device EASA
BKN Broken Met
BLSN Blowing Snow Met
BLW Below  
BMV Bundesministerium für Verkehr (, Bau- und Wohnungswesen)  §
BMVBW Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau- und Wohnungswesen §
BPL Balloon Pilot License §
BPM Beats Per Minute §
BR Damp Mist Met
BS Bodenstation  
BTN Between  
BRG Bearing  
BZF Beschränkt gültiges Zeugnis für den Flugfunk  


C/A-Code Course Acquisition Code  
C/L Centre Line ICAO
c/w Continous Wave  
C-VFR Controlled VFR-Flight  
CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation  
CAS Calibrated Airspeed  
CAT Category (ILS)  
CAT Clear Air Turbulence  
CAVOK Cloudas and Visibility OK Met
CB Cumulunimbus Met
CB-IR Competency-based Instrument Rating  
CBT Computer-Based Training ICAO
CC Cabin Crew  
CC Cirrocumulus Met
CC Compass Course Nav
CDFA Continuous Descent Final Approach EASA
CDI Course Deviation Indicator Nav
CDU Control and Display Unit  
CEST Central European Summer Time  
CET Central Europe Time  
CFI Chief Flying Instructor §
CG Center Of Gravity  
CGI Chief Ground Instructor  
CH Channel  
CH Compass Heading  
CI Cirrus Met
CIV Civil  
CL Centerline  
CL Center of Lift  
CLD Cloud Met
CLR Cleared / Clear  
CLSD Closed  
CN Compass North  
COM Communication  
COMM Communication  
CONC Concrete  
CONT Continued / Continue  
COT At the Coast  
CP Co-pilot  
CPA Closest Point of Approach ICAO
CPL Commercial Pilot License §
CQB Central Question Bank  
CR Class Rating  
CRE Class Rating Examiner  
CRI Class Rating Instructor  
CRM Crew Ressource Management  
CRP Compulsory Reporting Point  
CRT Cathode Ray Tube  
CS Certification Specification  
CS Cirrostratus Met
CTA Control area  
CTL Control  
CTN Caution  
CTR Control zone  
CU Cunulus Met
CUST Custom  
CVFR Controlled Visual Flight Rules  
C/W Continuous Wave  
CW Continuous Wave  
CWC Crosswind Component Nav


DA Decision Altitude  
DA Drift Angle  Nav
DAeC Deutscher Aeroclub  
DC Direct Current  
DELAG Deutsche Luftschiffahrt Aktiengesellschaft  
DEP Depart / Departure  
DER Departure End of the Runway ICAO
DEST Destination  
DETRESFA Distress Phase  
DEV Deviation Nav
DF Direction Finder  
DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung  
DFV Deutscher Fallschirmsportverband  
DG Directional Gyro  
DH Decision Height Nav
DHV Deutscher Hängegleiter Verband  
DIS Distance  
DIST Distance  
DME Distance Measuring Equipment  
DME/P Distance Measuring Equipment precise  
DOF Day Of Flight  
DOW Dry operating weight  
DP Dew Point  
DPATO Defined Point After Take-Off  
DPBL Defined Point Before Landing §
DR Dead Reckoning  
DRSN Drifting Snow Met
DS Dust Snow Met
DU Dust Met
DULV Deutscher Ultraleichtverband  
DV Durchführungsverordnung §
DVO Durchführungsverordnung §
DVOR Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Radio  
DWD Deutscher Wetterdienst Met
DZ Drizzle Met


E East  
EAT Estimated Approach Time  
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency §
EC European Community §
ECG Elektrocardiogram §
EET Estimated Enroute Time  
EFIS Electronic flight instrument system  
EGPWS Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System ICAO
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature Tec
EGV Vertrag über die Europäische Gemeinschaft  §
EHF Extremly High Frequency Com
EIR Enroute Instrument Rating  
ELBA Emergency Location Beacon-Aircraft Com
ELEV Elevation  
ELT Emergency locator transmitter  Com
EMBD Embedded  
En English  
ENG Engine  
ENR Enroute Nav
ENRT Enroute Nav
ENT Ear Nose Throat §
EOBT Estimated Off Block Time  
EOL Engine Off Landings  
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival  
ETD Estimated Time of Departure  
ETE Estimated Time Enroute  
ETO Estimated Time Over  
ERPM Engine Revolutions Per Minute  
ESDU Engineering Siences Data Unit ICAO
EST Estimated  
ETA Estimated Time Of Arrival  
ETD Estimated Time of Departure Nav
ETE Estimated Time EnrouteETP Nav
ETOPS Extended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standard  
ETP Equal Time Point Nav
EU Europäische Union  §
EUR Europe  
EUROCAE European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment ICAO
EUAFA European Airforce Academies  
EXC Except  
EXP Expect  
EXTD Extended / Extending  


F Farenheit  
F/E Flight Engineer §
FAA Federal Aviation Administration  
FAF Final Approach Fix  
FANS Future Air Navigation System  
FAP Final Approach Fix  
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations  
FAS Final Approach Segment  
FATO Final Approach and Take-Off area  
FBL Light  
FCL Flight Crew Licensing  
FCST Forecast Met
FD Flight Director  
FE Flight Examiner  
FEM Flight Examiner Manual  
FEV1 Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 Second §
FEW Few Met
FFS Full Flight Simulator  
FG Fog Met
FI Flight Instructor  §
FIE Flight Instructor Examiner §
FIR Flight Information Region  
FIS Flight Information Service  
FL Flight Level  
FLT Flight  
FM From  
FMC Flight Management Computer  
FMECA Failure Mode, Effects and Critically Analysis §
FMGC Flight Management and Guidance Computer §
FMS Flight Management System  
FPM Feet Per Minute  
FNPT Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer §
FREQ Frequency  
FRQ Frequent  
FS Flight Simulator  
FSD Full-Scale Deflection  
FSS Flight Service Station  
FSAV Flugsicherungsausrüstungsverordnung  §
FSTD Flight Simulation Training Device EASA
FT Feet  
FTD Flight Training Device EASA
FTE Flight Technical Error  
FTE Full Time Equipment §
FTT Flight Technical Tolerance  
FU Smoke  
FVK Flugverkehrkontrolle  
FZ Freezing Met
FZDZ Freezing Drizzle Met
FZFG Freezing Fog Met
FZLVL Freezing Level Met
FZRA Freezing Rain Met
FZG Flugzeug  


G Gravity Forces  
G Gust Met
GA General Aviation  
GAFOR General Aviation Forecast Met
GAL Gallons  
GAT General Aviation Terminal  
GBAS Ground-Based Augmentation System  
GC Great Circle Nav
GCA Ground Controlled Approach  
GEN General §
GG Grundgesetz §
GLD Glider  
GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System  
GM Guidance Material EASA
GND Ground  
GND Ground Control  
GNSS Golbal Orbitting Navigation Satellite System  
GP Glide Path  
GPS Global Positioning System  
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System  
GR Hail Met
GRAD Gradually  
GS Groundspeed  
GS Glide Slope  
GS Small Hail or Snow Pellets Met


H Helicopter §
H24 24 Stunden in Betrieb / ununterbrochener Betrieb  
HDG Heading  
HEL Helicopter  
HE Height of Eye Nav
HF High Frequency Com
HF Human Factors §
Hg mercury  
HGT Hight  
HJ Sonnenaufgang bis Sonnenuntergang  
HN Sunset to Sunrise  
HOFCS High Order Flight Control System EASA
hPa Hektopascal  
HPA High Performance Aeroplane §
hr Hour  
hrs hours  
HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator  
HT Head of Training EASA
HUD Head-Up Display §
HUGS Head-Up Guidance System §
HUMS Health an Usage Monitoring Syste,  
HVY Heavy  
HWC Headwind Component  
HWS Horizontal Wind Shear Met
HX Keine festgelegte Betriebszeit  
HYD Hydraulic  
Hz Hertz  
HZ Haze Met


i. d. F. in der Fassung §
IAC Instrument Approach Chart  
IAF Initial Approach Fix  
IAP Instrument Approach Procedure ICAO
IAS Indicated Airspeed  
IATA International Air Transport Association  
IC Ice Crystals Met
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation §
ICE Icing Met
ID Identifier / Identification  
IF Intermediate Fix  
IFR Instrument Flight Rules  
IGE In Ground Effect  
IHP Instandhaltungsprogramm  
ILS Instrument Landing System  
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions  
INBD Inbound  
INCERFA Uncertainity Phase  
INFO Information  
INOP Inoperative  
INS Inertial Navigation System  
INT Intersection  
INTL International  
IOAT Indicated Outside Air Temperature  
IOS Instructor Operation Station §
IR Instrument Rating §
IR Implementing Rules §
IRE Instrument Rating Examiner  
IRI Instrument Ration Instructor  
IRS Inertial Reference System  
ISA International Standard Atmosphere  
ISS International Space Station  


JAA Joint Aviation Authorities §
JAR Joint Aviation Requirements §
JAR-FCL Joint Aviation Requirements-Flight Crew Licensing  
JAR-OPS Joint Aviation Requirements-Operations  
JR Jet-Routen  
JTST Jetstream Met


kg Kilogramm  
kHz Kilohertz  
KIAS Knots Indicated Airspeed  
KK Kompasskurs Nav
KM Kilometer  
KM/h Kliometer pro Stunde / kilometers per hour  
KSK Kompasssteuerkurs  
kt Knot / Knoten  
KTAS Knots True Airspeed  
KW Kilowatt  


L Low Pressure Area Met
LAPL Light Aircraft Pilot License  §
LAT Lattitude  Nav
LB Pound  
LBA Luftfahrtbundesamt  
LBS Pounds  
LDA Landing Distance Available  
LDG Landing  
LDI Localizer Deviation Indicator Nav
LDP Landing Decision Point §
LF Low Frequeny  
Lfz. Luftfahrzeug  
LGT Light  
LGTD Lighted  
LL Low Lead  
LLZ Localizer Nav
LMT Local Mean Time  
LNAV Lateral Navigation  
LO Learning Objectives  
LOC Location  
LOC Localizer  
LOFT Line Orientated Flight Training §
LONG Longitude Nav
LOP Line Of Position  Nav
LORAN Long Range Navigation Nav
LPL Leisure Pilot License §
LT Left Turn  
LT Local Time  
LTA Lufttüchtigkeitsanweisung §
LTB Luftfahrttechnischer Betrieb §
LTD Limited  
LuftBauO Bauordnung für Luftfahrtgerät §
LuftBO Betriebsordnung für Luftfahrtgerät §
LuftGerPV Verordnung zur Prüfung von Luftfahrtgerät §
LuftPersV Verordnung über Luftfahrtpersonal §
LuftSiG Luftsicherheitsgsetz §
LuftVG Luftverkehrsgesetz §
LuftVO Luftverkehrsordnung §
LuftVZO Luftverkehrszulassungsordnung §
LVO Low Visibility Take-Off §
LYR Layer / Layered Met


m Meter  
MAA Maximum Authorized Altitude  
MAG Magnetic  
MAHF Missed Approach Holding Fix  
MAP Missed Approach Point Nav
MAR At sea  
MAX Maximum  
MB Magnetic Bearing Nav
MB Millibar  
MBST Microburst  
MC Magnetic Course Nav
MCC Multi Crew Cooperation §
MCCI Multi Crew Cooperation Instructor  
MDA Minimum Descent Altitude  
MSH Minimum Descent Height  
MDI Moving Dial Indicator  
ME Multi Engine §
MEA Minimum Enroute Altitude  
MEL Minimum Equipment List  
MEP Multi Engine Piston  
MEP(L) Multi Engine Piston Land  
MEP(S) Multi Engine Piston Sea  
MESZ Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit  
MET Meteorology  
MET Multi Engine Turboprop  
METAR Meterological Aerodrome Report  
MEZ Mitteleuropäische Zeit  
MF Medium Frequency  
MFD Multi Functional Display  
MGZ Mittlere Greenwitch Zeit  
MH Magnetic Heading Nav
MHz Megahertz  
MI Mountain Rating Instructor  
MIFG Shallow Fog Met
MIN Minute  
MLS Microwave Landing System  
MNM Minimum  
MM Middle Marker Nav
MN Magnetisch Nord / Magnetic North Nav
MOCA Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude  
MOD Moderate  
MOGAS Motor Gasoline  
MON Above Mountains  
MON Monday  
MontÜG Durchführungsgesetz zum Montrealer Abkommen §
MOV Moving  
MP Multi Pilot  
MPA Multi Pilot Aeroplane §
MPH Miles Per Hour  
MPH Multi Pilot Helicopter §
MPL Multicrew Pilot License §
MPP Most Probable Position  
MRA Minimum Reception Altitude  
MS Minus  
MS Motorsegler  
MSA Minimum Sector Altitude  
MSG Message  
MSL Mean Sea Level  
MT Magnetic Track  
MT Mountain  
MT OBSC Mountain Obscuration  
MTOM Maximum Take Off Mass  
MTOW Maximum take off weight  
MTW Mountain Wave  
MVA Minimum Vectoring Altitude  
mwK Missweisender Kurs  
mwN Missweisend Nord  


N Nord  
NADP Noise Abatement Departure Procedure  
NAV Navigation  
NAV/COM Navigation / Communication  
NAVAID Navigational Aid  
NAVSTAR Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging  
NC No Change  
NDB Non Directional Beacon  
NEG Negative  
NfL Nachrichten für Luftfahrer  
NGT Night  
NIL No Item Listed / Not In List  
NM Nautical Mile  
NMS Navigationsmamgementsystem Nav
NN Normal Null  
Nordo No Radio  
NOSIG No Significant Change  
NOTAM Notice To Airmen  
NOTAR No Tail Rotor  
NOZ Normal Operating Zone  
NPA Notice of Proposed Amendmend §
NPA Non Precision Approach EASA
NS Nimbostratus Met
NSC No Significant Clouds (below 5000ft)  
NSFC Near Surface  
NSW No Significant Weather  
NTZ No Transgression Zone  
NVFR Night Visual Flight Rules  
NXT Next  


O Ost  
O/R On Request  
OAT Outside Air Temperature  
OBS Omni Bearing Selector  
OBSC Obscured / Obscuration  
OBST Obstacle / Obstruction  
OCA Obstacle Clearance Altitude EASA
OCH Obstacle Clearance Height  
OCNL Occasionally  
OEI One Engine Inoperative  
OFZ Obstacle Free Zone  
OGE Out of Ground Effect  
OIS Obstacle Identification Zone  
OM Ortsmissweisung  
OM Outer Marker Nav
OML Operational Multi-Pilot Limitation §
OPN Open  
OPS Operations  
ORA Organisation Requirements for Aircrew EASA
ORO Organisation Requirements for Air Operations §
OSD Operational Suitability Data EASA
OSL Operational Safety Pilot Limitation §
OTD Other Training Device EASA
OTP On Top  
OTS Out Of Service  
OVC Overcast Met
OWiG Ordnungswidrigkeitsgesetz  


P-Code Precise Code  
PA Precision Approach  
PAOAS Parallel Approach Obstacle Assessment Surface  
PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator  
PAR Precision Approach Radar  
PDG Procedure Design Gradient  
PERM Permanent(ly)  
PF Pilot Flying  
PFD Primary Flight Display  
PinS Point-In-Space  
PIC Pilot In Command  
PICUS Pilot In Command Under Supervision  
PIREP Pilot Report Met
PJE Parachute Jumping Exercise  
PL Powered-lift §
PLN (Flight-)Plan  
PLR Platzrunde  
PNF Pilot Not Flying §
POB Persons on Board  
POM Proof Of Match §
POS Position  
POSN Position  
PPL Private Pilot License / Privatpilotenlizenz  
PPR Prior Permission Required  
PPS Precise Positioning Service  
PROB Probability  
PROC Procedure  
Prop Propeller  
PRP Point-In-Space Reference Point  
PS Plus  
PSN Position  
PT Procedure Turn  
PTN Procedure Turn  
PVT Position, Velocity and Time  


QDM Querstion Direction Magnetic / Magnetic Heading  
QDR Question Direction Reverse  
QFE Question Field Elevation / Atmospheric pressure at airport elevation  
QFU Magnetic Orientation on Runway  
QNE Flugplatzhöhe bei 1023,5 hPa Einstellung  
QNH Question Normal Height  
QTE Rechtweisende Funkstandlinie von der Station  
QTG Qualification Test Guide §
QUJ  True Bearing zur Station  


R Radial  
R Right  
R Red  
R Restricted  
R/T Radiotelephony §
RA Resolution Advisory ICAO
RA Rain Met
RAD Radar  
RAD Radius  
Radar Radio Detection and Ranging  
RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring  
RASN Moderate Rain and Snow Met
RB Relative Bearing  Nav
RBI Relative Bearing Indicator  
RCL Runway Center Line  
RDH Reference Datum Height ICAO
RDL Radial  
RE Recent  
REC Receive Com
REC Receiver Com
REG Registration  
RegTP Regulierungsbehörde für Telekommunikation und Post  
REP Reporting Point  
REQ Request  
RESTR Restricted  
RMI Radio Magnetic Indicator  
RMK Remark  
RMS Reisemotorsegler  
RMZ Radio Mandatory Zone  
RNAV Area Navigation  
RNAV Radio Navigation  
RNG Range  
RNP Required Navigation Performance  
ROC Rate Of CLimb  
ROD Rate Of Descent  
RP Reporting Point  
RPM Revolutions Per Minute  Tec
RPT Repeat  
RRPM Rotor Revolutions per Minute  
RSR Enroute Surveillance Radar  
RSS Root Sum Sqare  
RT Right Turn  
RU Retractable Undercarriage  
RVR Runway Visual Range  
RWA Relative Wind Angle Nav
rwK Rechtweisender Kurs  
rwN Rechtweisend Nord  
rwP Rechtweisende Peilung  
RWY Runway  


S Sailplane  
S Süd / South  
SA Sandstorm Met
SAR Search And Rescue  
SATCOM Satellite Communication  
SBAS Satellite-Based Augmentation System  
SC Small Circle Nav
SC Stratocumulus Met
SCT Scattered Met
SD Standard Deviation  
SE Single Engine  
SEC Seconds  
SECN Section  
SECT Sector  
SEP Singe Engine Piston  
SEP(L) Single Engine Piston Land  
SEP(S) Single Engine Piston Sea  
SERA Standardised European Rules of the Air  
SET Single Engine Turboprop  
SEV Severe  
SFC Surface  
SFE Synthetic Flight Examiner §
SFI Synthetic Flight Instructor §
SG Snow Grains  
SH Shower  
SHF Super High Frequency  
SHRA Moderate Rain Shower Met
SHRASN Moderate Shower of Rain and Snow Met
SHSN Moderate Snow Shower Met
SI International System of Units  
SID Standard Instrument Departure IFR
SIG Significant  
SIGMET Significant Meteorological Phenomena  Met
SIGWX Significant Weather Met
SKC Sky Clear Met
SLPC Single Lever Power Control  
SLW Slow  
SN Snow Met
SOC Start Of Climb  
SOP Standard Operating Procedure  
SP Single Pilot  
SPA Single Pilot Aeroplane  
SPEC Special  
SPECI Aviation Selected Special Weather Report Met
SPH Single Pilot Helicopter §
SPI Special Position Indicator  
SPIC Studentpilot In Command §
SPL Sailplane Pilot License §
SPS Standard Positioning Service  
SQ Squall Met
SQL Squall Line Met
SR Sunrise  
SRA Special Rules Area  
SS Sunset  
SS Sandstorm Met
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar  
SST Supersonic Transport  
SSV Standard Service Volumes  
ST Stratus Met
STAR Standard Instrument Arrival IFR
STD Standard  
STD Synthetic Training Device §
STI Synthetic Training Instructor §
STF Stratiform Met
StGB Strafgesetzbuch §
StK Steuerkurs  
STNR Stationary Met
STOL Short Take-Off and Landing  
SWC Significant Weather Chart Met
SWY Stopway  


T/O Take-Off  
TA Transition Altitude  
TAA Terminal Arrival Altitude  
TACAN Tactical Air Navigation  
TAF Aerodrome Forecast  
TAR Terminal Area Surveillance Radar  
TAS True Airspeed  
TAWS Terrain Awareness Warning System  
TB True Bearing Nav
TC Tropical Cyclone Met
TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System  
TCO Third Country Operators EASA
TCU Towring Cumulus Met
TDP Take-Off decision point  
TDZ Touchdown Zone  
TEM Threat and Error Management §
TEMP Temperature Met
TEMP Temporary  
TEMPO Temporary(ly)  
TEND Tendency  
TH True Heading Nav
THR Threshold  
TIL Until  
TK Theoretical Knowledge EASA
TKOF Take-Off  
TL Transition Level  
TL Until Met
TMA Terminal Control Area  
TMG Touring Motor Glider  
TMZ Transponder Mandatory Zone §
TN True North Nav
TOC Top Of Climb  
TOD Top Of Descent  
TODA Take-Off Distance Available  
TOP Top of clouds Met
TORA Take-Off Run Available  
TP Turning Point  
TR Type Rating §
TRA Temporary Reserved Airspace  
TRE Type Rating Examiner §
TREND Trend in Forecast Met
TRI Type Rating Instructor §
TS Thunderstorm Met
TSO Technical Standard Order  
TT True Track  
TURB Turbulence Met
TVOR Terminal VHF Omnidirectional Radio  
TW Tail Wheel  
TWR Tower  
TWY Taxiway  
TYP Type of Aircraft  


UDF UHF Direction Finding Station Com
UHF Ultra High Frequancy Com
UIR Upper Information Region §
UIT Union Internationale des Télécommunications §
UKW Ultrakurzwelle Com
UL Ultraleicht / ultra light  
UNL Unlimited  
UNREL Unreliable  
UPM Umdrehungen pro Minute Tec
USG US Gallon  
UTC Universal Time Coordinated  


V Velocity  
VA Maneuvering Speed  
VFE Maximum Flaps Extended Speed  
VLE Maximum Landing Gear Extended Speed  
VLO Maximum Landing Gear Operation Speed  
VLOF Lift-off Speed  
VNE Never Exceed Speed  
VNO Maximum Structural Cruising Speed  
VR Rotation Speed  
VRA Rough Air Speed  
VS Stall Speed (normal)  
VSo Stall Speed (specific)  
VS1 Stall Speed Landing Configuration  
VX Best Angle Of Climb Speed  
VY Best Rate Of Climb Speed  
VA Volcanic Ash  
VAG VOR-Anzeigegerät  
VAL Valley  
VAR Variation Nav
VAS Visual Approach Slope  
VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator  
VASIS Visual Approach Slope Indicator System  
VC Vicinity  
VDF VHF Direction Finding System  
VFR Visual Flight Rules  
VHF Very High Frequency  
VIA via / By Way Of  
VIS Visibility Met
VLA Very Light Airplane  
VLF Very Low Frequency Com
VMC Visual Metereological Conditions  
VNAV Vertical Navigation  
vne Never-Exceed-Speed  
VOLMET Wettermeldungen für Flugzeuge im Flug Met
VOR VHF Omnidirectional Radio Nav
VOR/DME VOR and DME in one system Nav
VOT VOR-Empängertest Com
VP Variable Pitch  
VPA Vertical Path Angle  
VRB Variable Met
VV Vertical Visibility Met
VVG Versicherungsvertragsgesetz §
VWS Vertical Wind Shear Met


W West  
W/T Wind/Temperature Met
WA Warschauer Abkommen §
WA Wind Angle Nav
WCA Wind Correction Angle Nav
WGS World Geodetic System  
WGS-84 World Geodetic System of 1984 Nav
WIG Wing in Ground  
Wilco Will comply Com
WIP Work In Progress  
WKN Weakening Met
WPT Waypiont  
WS Wind Shear Met
WS Wind Speed Met
WSPD Wind Speed Met
WW Windwinkel Nav
WX Weather Met


XXX Outside of valid range  


Y Yellow  


Z Zulu-Time  
ZFM Zero Fuel Mass  
ZFTT Zero Flight Time Training EASA
ZÜP Zuverlässigkeitsüberprüfung  
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